With our Logistics Management System, we guarantee you will see opportunities to provide better service to your customers

Our Technology

Over the years, at Burrard Transport, we have dedicated our focus on developing a proprietary Logistics Management Platform (LOGISYS) for our customers, which brings together an ALL-IN-ONE Online Dispatch, Freight Management and Customer Relationship Management System.

This platform is one-of-kind and has been tailored to the needs of our team of professionals and the input of our customers over the last 25+ years to streamline our dispatch and freight hauling services while providing our customers detailed real-time reporting of how and where their freight expenses are being spent.

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With Burrard Transport's LOGISYS Platform, we guarantee you will see a savings in your freight expenses.

Features of our Logistics Management System (LOGISYS)

(below are just a few key features of our LOGISYS Platform)


  • 24/7 customer access for booking your shipments (terminal must have system installed).
  • Our dispatchers are notified instantly and can co-ordinate your shipments in-house or mobile.
  • DriverAssist gives our dispatchers the information to choose the driver with the most experience for your shipment based on their real-time location.
  • EquipAssist gives our dispatchers the information to choose the right vehicle with the best suited equipment for your shipment requirement.
  • GPSAssist gives our dispatchers the information to choose a driver close to your pick up location with the best available space for your shipment.
  • TrafficAssist will notify our dispatchers which route will provide the fastest or less congested solution for your shipment.
  • DriverAlert will instantly notify our dispatchers where your shipment is throughout the delivery and provide a confirmation alert once shipment is signed for.
  • Real-time waybill shipment confirmation can be emailed to you showing the details of the delivery with signature confirmation


  • Access to real-time reporting features to review all aspects of your account.
  • Real-time invoicing and billing.
  • Easy search for inputting customer account and shipping information.
  • Assign unique levels of security for access to reports and history.
  • Ability to customize how your reporting is viewed by Management.
  • Executive Management can review multiple branch locations for detailed profit/loss reporting.
  • Freight Recovery - Analyze how your freight costs are divided among the service levels provided to your customers to see how to recover unnecessary expenses.


  • Detailed reporting can help your Sales Department better understand how their customer’s freight costs impact the bottom line.
  • Ability to provide your customers a breakdown of their freight history and where they can save time and money.
  • Real-time shipping confirmation with signature proof to eliminate any misunderstandings of when and where shipments are delivered.
  • Build stronger relationships with your customers by providing detailed reports of their billing activity.